Joga Futsal Academy

Providing Futsal opportunities for the youth of Scotland


Joga Futsal Academy provide engaging and focussed training sessions, centered around the key elements of Futsal – quick decision making, short dribbling, accurate and quick paced passing and improvisational skills.


Futsal provides a fantastic development tool for young footballers to improve technically, tactically and cognitively through quick movement of the ball under pressure.


Our academy provides an abundance of opportunity to put our learning and development to the test through our weekly training sessions, leagues against a wide range of opponents across the country and worldwide tournaments.


Established in 2015 Joga Futsal Academy aims to provide our youth the opportunity to develop skills, tactical knowledge and understanding of the game Futsal

We aim to create a futsal academy which offers opportunities from kids as young as 5 through to adults competing at the highest possible level in futsal in Scotland. We are committed to developing confident and technically competent futsal players who will be able to demonstrate their learning to a high standard. As well as Futsal players we are committed to ensuring all players develop key life traits such as respect, hardworking, positive attitude and being humble

Why play futsal?

According to FIFA, Futsal is the fastest growing sport in the world and we take huge pride in working toward having more youth across Scotland to learn and enjoy the game, and at the same time developing their skills and ability.
The game has played a pivitol part in developing the worlds greatest footballers . . . . why can’t it play a huge part on your son/daughters development?


More touches of the ball
More passing, receiving, dribbling and shooting
More involved goalkeeping
Shielding and protecting the ball
Combination play
Encouraging creativity
Improved speed of play


Improved reactions and speed of thought
Increased concentration throughout game
Increased awareness
Develop decision making
Game understanding
Maximises active participation, minimises boredom
Confidence in 1v1 situations


Improved agility
Improved balance
Improved coordination
Improved speed
Improved cardiovascular health
Constant movement
Overall fitness


Rotate positions
Understanding the importance of movement
Always involved in attacking and defending
Lots of transitions
Understanding of each others roles
How to defend out of possession
How to attack when in possession


Don’t just take our word on the benefits of Futsal & the impact it can have on your son/daughter, have a read at some of the feedback we have had from the parents of kids that are involved with Joga.

My son has been involved with Joga for over a year now and he loves it. I’ll be honest and say it was initially to help with his development in football. However we very quickly realised this is not football, David and the coaches are doing a great job coaching the kids the difference between both. At Joga the kids play with a smile on their face, they get the chance to play against other academies not just in this country but all over Europe and that alone helps the kids develop not just technically but also sociably. Top academy

My son has been a regular attendee at Joga for over a year now, he absolutely loves the game of Futsal. David and John are both fantastic guys and coaches, it’s important to know that kids of all ages and abilities will be welcomed at Joga, it’s a safe, fun and DRY! environment for them to learn about this fantastic fast paced and tactical football based game. New skills, new friends and experiences that will last a life time! Thanks to everyone involved.

My son and daughter have both enjoyed rapid development through the techniques used by the Joga coaches.
We have experienced some amazing highs through Joga and their European adventures and cannot thank them enough. If you are looking to provide an opportunity for your child to develop technically and mentally then Joga Futsal is the only place to attend.

Fantastic environment to develop my sons skills & footwork. Joga Futbol has really complimented his footballing ability as the skills are easily transferable. David is a great coach. We’ve had the pleasure of him having an influence on my Marc’s coaching for many years & hope for many more

My son has only been to two training sessions but already is loving it. The coaches are excellent, making the sessions both fun and educational. Great to improve his game

Just wanting to say Ally is absolutely loving futsal with Colin. He has been home for over an hour and is still buzzing. He is always big smiles after a session and at his age that’s what it is all about. Thanks again

What’s so good about Futsal?

We asked our academy players why they like playing for Joga Futsal Academy

Our Coaches

As coaches, it is really important for us to provide an enviroment where kids are giving freedom to go make their own decisions, figure situations out for themselves, use their imagination, be creative and really enjoy the game of futsal…our team are here to support that.  Meet our coaches.

David Galt

Founder & Head Coach

Paul Brennan


John McGowan


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