Who we are

Joga Futsal Academy is here to educate, and develop opportunities for youths across Scotland to learn and enjoy the game of Futsal. We believe Futsal not only provides a fantastic development tool for young footballers to develop technically, tactically and on a cognitive basis , but also offers another pathway to youths for the chance to be part of an ever growing sport.

The nature of the game puts demands on technical ability; the ability to defend and attack in both 1v1 and group situations, to be comfortable passing and receiving the ball under pressure and to improve decision-making, all skills which are transferable to football. It is statistically proven that kids playing Futsal will touch the ball at least SIX TIMES more often than they would in a game of 7v7 or 11v11 football. Another huge benefit of the game is that kids are constantly engaged in the game, defending, attacking, and moving off the ball – as opposed to going along to watch your son/daughter at the weekend only to see them touch the ball once every 4 or 5 minutes, or not even be involved in the game.

According to FIFA, Futsal is the fastest growing sport in the world and we take huge pride in working toward having more youth across Scotland to learn and enjoy the game, and at the same time developing their skills and ability.

The game has played a pivitol part in developing the worlds greatest footballers . . . . why can’t it play a huge part on your son/daughters development?

Joga Futsal Academy aims to provide Futsal Development Centres & Futsal Academy teams across Scotland , providing opportunties for kids to play competitively, and to develop skills which can be transferred to improve their footballing ability too.

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