The Benefits of Futsal

The Benefits of Futsal
Posted on July 22, 2014 by David Galt

1. More touches. The average players gets three times as many touches in a Futsal match compared to an outdoor football match. I would argue that it is even more! With fewer players, smaller space, and an emphasis on keeping the ball on the ground, you will have way more touches. This means you will have more time on the ball, make more decisions, be more involved, and gain more experience in a shorter period of time.

2. Quicker decision making. Because of the nature of the game you will be forced to make quicker decisions under pressure. There is no room to be nervous or panic. Instead, you must remain calm and make good decisions at a higher speed under more pressure. This can only be good for your development.

3. More 1v1 situations. Futsal forces you to engage in more 1v1 situations. You will become more comfortable taking players on and keeping possession of the ball. But you will also find yourself in more 1v1 defending situations. Futsal forces every player to play both ways. Both your attacking and defending futsal skills will improve every time you play.

4. Encourages creativity. Tight spaces and small nets will force you to find creative ways to break down defences and score on brave goalkeepers. You will have to use your technical skills but also your creativity to be unpredictable.

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