February newsletter 2018

As always, I would like to thank you all for your continued support over the start of 2018. Your commitment to both training and the winter league matches has been really pleasing. 2018 is going to be a key year for Joga in our continuous development programme and we are delighted that you continue to be part of it.

Winter Leagues

Our Winter Futsal Leagues finished up last weekend and although it came with great relief to myself, I have been really pleased with how the last 10 weeks have gone. We have had over 70 teams involved & over 500 players involved within Futsal. We introduced official futsal referees to the leagues which was another positive step to ensure that everyone is getting a unique futsal experience that they wouldn’t receive elsewhere.

Both individually and team’s it has been really encouraging to see the development in futsal and the acknowledgement in the difference in sport. It’s also been great that many individuals / teams have enjoyed the futsal so much that they want to continue their involvement with the sport and are choosing Joga to do so.

We still have our Finals day to come which will see the group winners at each group come together for a final which will decide the winner . . .  Looks set to be a cracking day and make sure to follow our social media pages to see when these take place!

Madird Trip – Coach Education

What a difference a week makes, this time last week just arriving home from a Sunny Madrid to now being part of a snow storm!

Anyway myself & John had the pleasure last week of a short educational trip to Madrid. We arrived on Monday and spent the late afternoon and evening with Mostoles Futsal Club on the outskirts of Madrid. A club with over 400 members. A full pathway for both boys & girls and even have an adult disability team. We managed to watch from u7 Boys & Girls all the way through to the senior adult side which was really encouraging. The most pleasing part for ourselves was that a lot of the exercises being done by the coaches were all of the same aspects in which we use at Joga and on speaking with coaches they shared a very similar belief around futsal as ourselves. A fantastic evening and delighted to build up more connections with futsal academies across Europe as Joga continues to grow and gain recognition across the continent.

The second evening seen us have the pleasure of watching one of the biggest games in world futsal . . .  Inter Movistar v Barcelona and it didn’t disappoint! Before hand we had the pleasure of meeting the players of both sides including the likes of Ferraro, Pola, Ortiz and the man himself . . .. Ricardinho! Who were all excellent asking questions and even signed a couple of Joga shirts the game it’s self was breath taking, we had court side seats and sitting so close and getting to see that level of futsal so close was really something I will never forget. A fantastic performance from both teams, both having periods of dominating the game and despite Inter going into a 4-1 lead and looking very comfortable, two quick goals from Barcelona turned the full game around and barca finished off the stronger and managed to grab another to tie the game 4-4 in the first leg. The second leg happened last night which finished 3-3 and seen Barca move through to the final . . .  Two wonderful teams who we look forward to spending more time with in the future (stay tuned for more).

International Tournaments

As mentioned in our last couple of newsletters we have signed up for a couple more international competitions in 2018 around Europe. We see the international competition as a key part of our development and our selection process for the upcoming Sporting Paris tournament in May and the Montesilviano Cup in June.

Parents will be receiving letters over the next couple of weeks regarding selection and we do hope to have everyone in place by mid to end of march.

Again, as stated in previous newsletters, we will never at any point deem kids not good enough to go on these trips it’s more a case of us as coaches making judgement on who we feel will be most ready for these events. Ready technically, ready tactically, ready emotionally and ready sociably. These are four key areas in which we will look to make judgement and select based on this.

I know from the last group that went to Paris, the trip has opened up their eyes to level of futsal which is played across Europe. International competitions for Joga are about competing at the highest level and we will do so with the players we feel are capable in doing so.

If your kid is not selected for this occasion, then it may be that they are selected for the next one.

Joga Futsal Academy – Expansion & Coach Recruitment

We are receiving emails / social media messages almost daily of either parent from new areas or coaches looking to be involved within our programme. I am keen to stress we will only expand both regionally and locally if we have the desired coaches in place. Understanding that Futsal is a different sport and just because you may be a good football coach, doesn’t make you a good futsal coach.

We want to ensure Joga Futsal Academy provides the highest quality FUTSAL experience as possible and we don’t just have football coaches delivering football exercises indoors with a futsal ball, otherwise kids / parents aren’t getting a proper futsal experience.  

We do completely understand that it is difficult to find those candidates in Scotland. We don’t expect coaches to come steeped in futsal experience but by working alongside our experienced coaches , using our newly designed development coaching programme , having a knowledge/interest in futsal development and  being part of our coach education we would like to think we can provide those interested with the correct pathway and knowledge to help the development of futsal in Scotland.

Training – New sessions & Payment

Training over the past month or so has been going fantastically well , we continue to have a number of new kids involved within our sessions and even a number of kids from the Winter Leagues have now joined our academy.

We also have several new sessions to continue our pathway for Joga Futsal Academy, details of which are as followed:

  • Training for Kids born 2009/2008 – Every Sunday 2-3pm at Craigholme Sports Complex
  • Training for Youths born 2002/2003 – Every Monday 8-9pm at Craigholme Sports Complex
  • ADULT futsal – Every Monday 9-10pm at Craigholme Sports Complex

 These sessions as discussed allow us to continue to develop our Joga Futsal Academy player pathway which will be fully complete by the end of 2018. If you know of anyone who may be interested in any of the above sessions, please feel free to pass on my email

Adults , Feel free to come along and give the game a try and see how difficult it is both physically and mentally and I guarantee you will come away with even more respect for the sport and your son or daughter at futsal 😊!! 


 One newsletter I will get through without having to write about standing orders. . . again pretty much the same message as always. We would really love if all parents could please sign up to making payment through Standing Order.

  1. It allows the coaches to focus on coaching
  2. Coaches aren’t having to deal directly with cash
  3. It then saves me having to meet up with coaches on a weekly basis and make several trips to the bank.
  4. It secures your son or daughters space within the session. We look for a commitment to the session from the parent.
  5. It allows us to continue to book the facilities, many of which are paid in advance.
  6. It’s more convenient

Standing orders should be made payable on the first of each month and your son/daughters name should be used as a reference.

Payments of £20 (4 sessions at £5 per session ) can be made payable to

Joga Futbol



 Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


We do have a couple of exciting announcements to make over the next couple of weeks particularly for all kids & parents within the Academy set up on a encouraging & important aspect to continuing our development as a futsal academy. We will be announcing a few more sessions within the Glasgow area and even the potential of some more futsal trips so stay tuned for more 😊!!

As always, thank you for your time and commitment to Joga Futsal Academy and we hope your son / daughter can continue to Learn, Enjoy and Develop within our set up.


David Galt

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