January newsletter 2018

 We start off another year with lots of exciting plans in place to grow and develop not only Joga Futsal but futsal as a sport across the whole of Scotland. We had an incredible 2017 with so many positive experiences for kids, coaches and parents. We look forward to 2018 with your support to continue the growth of futsal and helping the development of your son or daughter.

Squadra Cup

As I am sure you all aware of the achievements of our under 13 group at the very recent Squadra cup in finishing a fantastic 4th place. This being our first ever international tour with some fantastic futsal academies from across Europe taking part we are very proud of the efforts and achievements of all the boys who took part. For me it was also a great learning experience, seeing new teams on how they try to play the game was just to a whole new level and to be honest probably came as a bit of a shock as to the standard in which the games were played at.

For me the understanding of the game was clearer to see across the European teams who should a great tactical understanding of the game which at times I thought we struggled with but that can only be expected, A number of our kids are new to the game, hadn’t all trained or played in game together but that doesn’t take anything away from the group who can be very proud of their achievements and how they represented Joga Futsal Academy and Scottish Youth Futsal at the tournament. We are already signed up for next year’s Squadra Cup again so another great event to look forward too.


International tournament – Importance & selection process

As previously mentioned we have already signed up for next years Squadra Cup with our U11 & U13 Squads. We also signed up to several other international tournaments across the calendar year whilst still looking at other possibilities. We will be taking a U13 group to Paris in May , A u11 & u13 group to Italy in June whilst also looking at a couple of other options in August/September. We have been invited to Lisbon by Benfica so Joga is starting to grow in reputation and we are keen to be part of the International tournaments as much as possible.

Why such an importance on International tournament? Well I think if you were to ask any kid who attended our Squadra Cup how much they learned over those few days then the list would be endless and it’s so noticeable to see in training & games on even the slightest of things , Parents certainly became more knowledgeable about the game and seen it for what it really was and probably for the first time they seen the game purely as it’s own sport without comparison to football and that if played to that level then ultimately that’s when the benefits of the game can be transferable to football. Like I previously mentioned it was also a great learning experience for me as a coach so it’s certainly something we feel is hugely important to developing our coaches, players and parents to understand the game of futsal even more.

Selection Process for International trips, the unfortunate thing around these trips is that we can only take so many kids to each event so a limited number each time are only getting the experience. However, our trips are what represents the Academy at the highest level and when going to take part in any international competition then competing to a good level is a must and will be the main priority for the upcoming tournaments. We as coaches will look at players not only just based on a technical level but other aspects such as Tactically, Emotionally and socially do we feel they are READY to take part in an international tournament?. The pressures can be huge and unfortunately some kids aren’t quite ready to cope with that, Socially it can be tough being away from normality & spending so much time with one group, we were fortunate the bond between the boys & even the parents in France was superb but again it can be challenging. Technically & probably more so tactically come down to training and are kids taking in the information that we as coaches are providing? It will I am sure leave many parents disappointed that they’re son hasn’t been selected however I would like to state that I will never tell you neither will any of our coaches that your son / daughter isn’t good enough . . . More that I don’t feel that they are ready. For some kids it might be the next one, for others it might be next year but if kids can attend training, work hard, listen to coaches and always look to improve then I am sure your son’s turn will come around sooner rather than later.


New Kids, New Sessions & New Coaches

With the restart of our sessions throughout January, it has been great to see a huge number of new kids now in attendance at our sessions on a weekly basis. All of our weekly sessions are running now with great numbers in attendance, our Monday development class at Craigholme Sports Complex in Glasgow is growing every week with a great bunch of kids. our Airdrie session is now full at both sessions and we are currently looking at additional sessions in North Lanarkshire, we are hoping to restart in Falkirk in the first two weeks in February and we have a new session starting in Ayrshire so it’s all very exciting times.

Our Aberdeen session continues to develop, and we are now gaining more interest to attend our Friday evening session in Dyce. We are looking at additional sessions and the introduction of new coaches in Aberdeen so watch this space!!

We are also delighted to announce that Calum Waters has joined our coaching team , Calum is a professional football player with Kilmarnock FC , Signing in the summer after a very successful season at Alloa Athletic and before that had spent many years at Celtic. Although Calum has not much experience in Futsal, He is very enthusiastic about the benefits of futsal and the coaching environment in which we offer at Joga Futsal.

We have no doubt this will be a great bonus to the kids to learn from someone playing at such a high level and will no doubt offer a great role model to all the kids within the Academy.

Stay tuned for some coaching appointments over the next couple of weeks . . .

February Futsal Camp

After a very successful Winter camp over the Christmas period, we are delighted to announce the return of our Futsal camp’s in February.

This time running at the fantastic facilities at Craigholme Sports Complex which offers a fantastic learning environment for any young player.

The camps this time around will run for 3 hours and will have a focus around technical & tactical futsal development.

Details are as followed:

Monday – Wednesday         

12th -14th of February

9am -12pm for kids born 2007-2009

12pm-3pm for kids born 2006-2004

£50 for the 3 days (£20 for individual days)

To book a space simply just email


Winter Futsal Leagues

Most of you will now have hopefully had some sort of experience in our Winter Futsal Leagues. The leagues are now all past the half way stage with only 3 weeks remaining in some of them, despite the stress & organisation in which goes in to the leagues it has been more than worth it so far and allows our kids to continue their futsal development with an element of competition.

Throughout all the leagues we have over 70 teams involved and some of the Futsal on show has been a joy to watch at times and it’s great to see more people take an interest in the game.

I would like to thank everyone who so far has been part of the leagues, the early morning Saturday / Sunday drives , Attending despite poor weather and your son’s conduct shown whilst representing Joga , it’s greatly appreciated!!

The Futsal EUROs

Hopefully some of you are aware of the upcoming Futsal Euro’s which start on Tuesday the 27th of January all the way through to the 10th of February. We after every session are continually asking the kids about watching games and the importance to get watching futsal . . .  So now is a perfect opportunity. All the games will be streamed live on the UEFA YouTube channel which I am sure all the kids will have instant access too, so it would be greatly appreciated if we can get encouraging the kids to watch the games . . . .and even you guy’s as parents give it a watch, I am sure you will love it!!


Payment procedure

Firstly, our payment procedure is improving on a monthly basis is improving and again I appreciate all of your commitment to setting up monthly standing orders. We do still have many parents who persist on bringing cash along which come March we will no longer be accepting.

All sessions whether it’s our Monday Development class at Craigholme or Thursday’s with our 2008s, Airdrie or Falkirk we are looking for parents to make their payment via the bank. This allows our coaches to solely focus on the coaching, allows us to guarantee your son/daughter a space within the session, arrange for payments of lets (many of which need to be paid in advance).

The payment should be made on the first of each month and with reference of your son/daughter’s name. The fee will be £20 (£5 x 4 sessions within the month)

Payments can be made to the following account:

Joga Futbol Ltd

Account Number: 16255082

Sort Code: 83-21-05

Thanks for your corporation.


Again, I would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to you all for your continued support of Joga Futsal Academy and we are looking forward to what should be another fantastic year of futsal!

Joga Futsal Academy

Learn – Enjoy – Develop

David Galt

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