John McGowan [OLD]

Why I coach futsal? Futsal has been a sport which has grasped my attention for a while. I got a taste of playing it when I was younger but after a few months there was no great interest or push to deliver the sport. Even though this is a sport which has been major in helping some of footballs greatest players reach the top. If you ask your kids some of their favourite players at present moment the chances are these players have had futsal as a foundation to their career. Players such as Iniesta, Neymar, Ronaldo just to name a few.

The draw to futsal for me was the way the game is played. It is technical, its fast paced and exciting to watch. You definitely see the more intelligent player in futsal and also the ones who can execute skills under pressure. If kids can do this at an early age then they will have more confidence with the ball when they play football. Gone are the days of the street player who would go out for hours upon hours creating games, playing small sided games and generally getting as many touches of a football as possible. The nearest we have to replicating this is futsal. The sessions we try to create are imitating some of the situations or games that we played growing up.

My background is football and played for Queens Park my full youth and having experiences being involved with national team level at u15s training with Scotland. I then went onto a spell at Queen of the South and have then went onto play junior and lowland league football. I have also been coaching football for ten years which has seen me work in the community and at academy level.

Futsal I believe should become more prominent in Scotland. When you consider factors such as weather then it makes sense to push for futsal to be played. A fast paced sport which has many beneficial factors. I hope to help the next generation of youngsters learn and develop and hopefully grow to being either futsal players or footballers.