Joga Futsal – Christmas Appeal

Joga Futsal Academy this year will be taking part in Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas in order to help those families, children, indivduals who find this time of year that bit more challenging.

We believe this year has although been extremely challenging, it’s demonstrated our city’s great community ability to care for others, wether that be charities supporting shielding elderly people or providing activity for kids in a safe enviroment the response to the virus has been outstanding and we thought this was another way to continue that help & support which ultimately so many people need at this time of the year.

Although we will be accepting kids gift’s of all ages, we would also like to extend this to help those who in isolation wether that be in the elderly community or those suffering from homelessness we would love to help. It can be as little as a box of chocolates which although so simple to many, mean so much to many others.

We would love for our Joga players to get involved with the delivery of these gifts too, wether that be to a local charity/social work or to an elderly person’s door, showing that even from a young age we care about others is a fantastic attribute for any young person to show.

Gifts for children can be for any ages, for both boys and girls. Once collected, through the Glasgow Spirit of Christmas website we will be able to allocate where each gift will be going and give you peace of mind that your donation is going straight into those in the community who need it most.

Please note although it’s Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas, It also supports organisations/charities outwith Glasgow in several local authories surrounding Glasgow so even if you don’t stay here we can together help a family near you!


Becoming a Secret Santa and making a difference to a child’s life has never been as important as it is this year! Our community’s aim is to spread as much hope and joy as we can for those less fortunate around us.

It’s been an incredibly challenging year for us all. The best antidotes are appreciation, gratitude, love, compassion and giving. The best feeling in the world is bringing the magic and gift of Christmas to a local child living in hardship or poverty. It lifts their spirit…and ours!

As expected with current world events Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas have received a significant increase in the number of children’s referrals requiring support this year. We are hoping to brighten the lives of over 15,000 children which is a 50% increase on this time last year!

With over 15,000 children at this stage ( October 2020 ) we are calling on every member and supporter to help us spread the word and to inspire the support of work colleagues, family and friends to take part by inviting them to this private community group (which FB won’t allow us to change to public) here;      

or our public page here;