Ryan Murray

I have been coaching now for the best part of 3 years, having attended college and worked in a grassroots football system which has been a great learning process for me as a young coach. Over the summer I went through a bit of a transitional period as a coach feeling as if I needed to change in order to further my career prospects. I have known David for almost 4 years now and worked closely alongside him in his role out with Joga Futsal Academy and have always kept a keen interest in the development of Joga Futsal Academy for a couple of reason’s . Firstly I enjoy watching Futsal , very exciting game to watch with so many benefits but also a large number of the kids that I coached in grassroots football attended Joga Futsal session’s and the improvement was there for everyone to see with the kids football at the weekend.

I feel for kids of a young age futsal is very Beneficial for them, playing in short sided games where there are only 5 in a team gives them lots more touches on the ball. Futsal is a game which as a player you are constantly involved in the game, off the ball or on the ball it requires kids to be engaging with team mates a lot more often than in 7 or 11 aside footballs. Not only technically is a great development tool but I feel tactically it’s fantastic for kids too , knowing when to defend , when to attack , when to support , when to cover not to mention movement on & off the ball. For me Futsal can act as a fantastic development tool to work alongside youth football & I am sure parents/kids who have been involved so far would agree with this.

As previously mentioned for someone like myself who has coached football for the last 3 years, I would advise any parent / coach to bring your kid along to a Futsal session and see the benefits for yourself. It has been responsible for developing top players such as Messi, Ronaldo; Neymar & Iniesta just to name a few so why can’t it help develop your kid’s skills? It’s a very enjoyable sport for kids to take part in and I can’t imagine anything better than seeing your kid playing with a smile on their face so come along and give it a try!

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